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An introduction to data cleansing

What is data cleansing? Well! Data cleansing is very important process before using the data for business purposes. It is also called database cleansing or data scrubbing. With the help of data cleansing process one can ensure that their data is fully correct and accurate to use.

How data cleansing is done? Well! Data cleansing is done with the help of tools and software. There are many tools and software are available which are used to check the data for accuracy and consistency. The simplest form of data cleansing mark the duplicate data, delete the unnecessary data, check typos and wrong spelling etc. so that it data can be used for various purposes. Also mislabeled database information is properly labelled and filed in data cleansing process.

In most complex data cleansing process, external computer software are used. These data cleansing software check the data with the help of many tools and rules the procedure decided upon by expert. The cleansing software can delete the the records which have not been changed or modified in last 4 years, correct the words with spelling mistakes etc. These software can fill the city in the field based on correct zip code. It can also change the currency from US Dollar to Canadian dollar and many more.

Database cleansing is very important for any company to increase the efficiency of staff. For example- if country code or telephone number will not be correct then how anyone can contact them or if email data will be duplicate then anyone can send mail more than one times to them. Also if email id will be incorrect then anyone will not be able to send mail to them.


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